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swastik Tins Pvt. Ltd.

Swastik Tins Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Swastik Industries), established in 1981, is a quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of general line tin cans and components catering primarily for packaging industrial products for Companies based in India and abroad.

We are focused on producing tin cans for the following industries:

  • Monotop cans and daubers / tube brush (Brush in Cans) for the plumbing industry.
  • Cone top, pour top and oil cans for the automotive industry.
  • F-style cans for industrial products.
  • Paint cans for the paint industry.
Swastik Industries

Our focused approached to producing cans for specific industries and products only and our dedication to quality has allowed us to become suppliers of choice to companies and leaders in the industries that we cater to.

All our cans are made from 100% prime (electrolytic) tin plate sourced directly from domestic and international mills (via their authorized / appointed agents) and on automated can and component making lines imported from reputed manufacturers globally.

Our production capacity has grown at a CAGR of app. 27% per annum over the last 10 years and we currently have an installed capacity to produce 60 million cans per annum (single shift).

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Swastik policy

Quality policy

We strictly adhere to the highest international quality standards to ensure that every can that leaves our factory has zero defect and is 100% leak-proof. Thorough quality checks are conducted of incoming raw material, online testing of cans and components during production and of finished cans.